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13. Make a pair of tilting stools, according to description in BIRCH BARK ROLL. Construct a burlap deer, or a burlap bear, according to BOOK OF WOODCRAFT. Either for coup; both for grand coup.

14. (L.L.) Make a hunter’s lamp of wildwood material, except that the oil may be purchased, that will burn for an hour, for coup. Make 2 different kinds of such lamps for grand coup.

15. (L.L.) Make any one of the following for coup. Any 2 for grand coup. (Repeater.)
(a) A usable twine or worsted baseball.
(b) A whistle from willow or other wood.
(c) A waterwheel of at least five paddles, that works.
(d) A kite that will fly.
(e) An elder or bamboo pop or water gun.
(f) A good pair of barrel stave skis.
(g) A snow scooter (barrel stave runner, nailed to bottom of upright, across the top of which is board seat).
(h) A game board, demonstrating its use before the Tribe.

M — Canoeing

1. Paddle 1 mile alone, using single blade, in canoe not less than 15 feet long, on water without favoring wind or current:

Under 14: 14 min., coup; 13 min., grand coup.
14 to 16: 13 min., coup; 12 min., grand coup.
Over 16: 11 min., coup; 10 min., grand coup.

2. Alone, or as active member of a crew, paddle, row or pole 5 miles a day for 5 successive days, each day making a note and sketch or photo of some interesting scene, for coup. Paddle, row, or pole 10 miles a day for 10 days within 21-day limit, making each day note and sketch or photo of some interesting scene, for grand coup.

3. Canoeman. Alone in canoe, single paddle, in deep water with fair breeze, fall overboard with paddle, replace paddle properly in canoe, climb in without shipping water, and paddle to shore, for coup. In addition to this, turn over canoe, right it, and empty it while still in deep water, canoe to be at least 16 feet long, for grand coup. (This should not be attempted by any but adults, because of physical strain of emptying canoe.)

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