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2. Make a serviceable watertight bucket or wash basin, of wildwood material, at least 5 x 8 inches, for coup. Make both, each to be at least 7 x 10, for grand coup.

3. Make a serviceable basket of wildwood material, not less than 6 inches in diameter, for coup. If made with a handle, is not less than 10 inches in diameter, and will carry 25 pounds, grand coup.

4. Unless forbidden by forestry laws, make a comfortable bough bed, properly laid. Make a grass rug, at least 2 x 5 feet, on a string camp loom. Both to be made of material gathered by self. Either for coup; both for grand coup.

5. Make an Indian bed of at least 60 rods, all tied tight, for coup. Make one of 80 or more rods, with 4 cords all tied tight and straight, and with a decorated head, for grand coup.

6. Make a good, serviceable camp chair, picturesque and decorated, entirely from wildwood material. Make a serviceable hammock or bed of wildwood material. Either for coup, both for grand coup.

7. Make a hunter’s lamp, a set of tilting spears, and a totem for tribe or band, all of wildwood material, except oil for lamp and colors for painting, for coup. If entirely of wildwood material, grand coup.

8. Make a noggin out of a tree boll, and decorate it. Make a wooden kneading trough, of smooth interior surface, not less than 6 x 12 inches, or make a waterproof vessel of wildwood material to hold at least 2 quarts, and attach handle to same (spruce gum allowed). Either for coup; both for grand coup.

9. Make from a cow’s horn, by one’s self, a huntsman’s horn that will sound, for coup. If engraved with personal record, grand coup.

10. Make a horn cup with a handle, and decorated, or with feet and decorated, for coup. In addition, make a hunter’s lamp or a torch, entirely of wildwood material, that will burn steadily for an hour, for grand coup.

11. Make a canoe paddle, for coup. If decorated with Indian design, grand coup.

12. Make a pair of snowshoes. Make a pair of skiis, including bending. Either for coup; both for grand coup.

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