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62 Woodcraft Manual for Boys Feather Football or Feather Blow This is an indoor, wet-weather game. The players hold a blanket on the knees or on the table. A soft feadier is put in the middle. As many may play as can get near. They may be in sides, 2 or 4, or each for himself. At the signal "Go!" each tries to blow the feather ofF the blanket at the enemy's side, and so count one for himself. A game is usually best out of 7, 1 1, or 13. Books Recommended Games for the Playgroxtnd, Home, School and Gymnasium. Jessie H. Bancroft, Published by the MacMillan Company, 450 pages. $1.50 Camp and Outing Activities. (Cheley-Bako:.) Published by Associa- tion Press. I1.50