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54 Woodcraft Manual for Boys If all the arrows are used, and none in the heart, the deer escapes, and the boy who was deer scores twenty-five. The one who found the dummy is deer for the next hunt. A clever deer can add greatly to the excitement of the game. Originally we used paper for scent, but found it bad. It litter^ the woods, yesterday's trail was confused with that of to- e day, etc. Com proved better, because the birds and the squirrels kept it cleaned up from day to day, and thus the ground was always ready for a fresh start. But the best of all is the hoof mark for the shoe. These iron hoof marks are fast to a pair of shoes, and leave a trail much like a. real deer. This has several advantages. It gives the hunter a chance to tell where the trail doubled, and which way the deer was going. It is more realistic, and a boy who can follow this skilfully can follow a Uv- ing deer. In actual practice it is found well to use a little a>m with this on the hard places, a plan quite consbtent with realism, as every hunter will recall. It is strictly forbidden to any hunter to stand in front of the firing-line; all must be back of the line on which the shooter stands. There is no hmit to the ^tuations and ouious combinations in this hunt. The deer may be left standing or lyii^. There is do law why it should not be hidden b^iind a solid tree trunk. Hie game develops as one follows it. After it has been played for some time with the iron hoof mark as above, the boys grow so