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50 Woodcraft Manual for Boys tile Spy has to capture it. The leader goes around on the morning of the day and whispers to the various members, "Look out — there's a spy in camp." At length he goes secretly near the one he has selected for spy and whispers, "Look out, there's a spy in camp, and you are it" He gives him at the same time some bright-colored badge, that he must wear as soon as he has secured the Medicine Trophy. He must not hide the Trophy on his person, but keep it in view. He has all day till sunset to get away with it. If he gets across the river or other limit, he wins and they must pay an agreed ransom for the Trophy. If he is caught, he loses and has to pay a ransom for himself. Tree the Coon This is an indoor game, founded on the familiar "Hunt the Thimble." We use a little dimuny coon; either make it or turn a ready- made toy rabbit into one, by adding tail and black mask, and cropping the ears. Sometimes even a little rag ball with a face painted on it. All the players but one go out of the room. That one places the coon anywhere in sight, high or low, but in plain view; all come in and seek. The first to find it sits down silently, and scores i. Each sits down, on seeing it, giving no clue to the others. The first to score 3 coons is winner, usually. Sometimes we play till every one but one has a coon; that one is the booby. The others are first, second, etc. Sometimes each is given his number in order of finding it. Then, after 7 or 8 coons, these numbers are added up, and the lowest is winner. Rat on the Lodge Each player has a good-sized bean bag. This is the rat and is kept by the player permanently. The lodge is any solid object six inches or more above the ground or floor. A dead-line is drawn through the lodge and another parallel, 15 feet away, for a firing-line. The boy who is "it," or "keeper," perches his bean bag or rat on the lodge. The others stand at the firing-line and throw their bean bags at his. They must not pick them up or touch them with their hands when they are beyond the dead-line. If