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Tribe Activities

This game is a wonderful developer of the power to see and memorize quickly. Far Sight, or Spot the Rabbit Take two six-inch squares of stiff white pasteboard or whitened wood. On each of these draw an outline Rabbit, one an exact dupUcate of the other. Make twenty round black wafers or ^ inchfi r «  spots, each half an inch across. Let one player stick a few of these on one Rabbit-board and set it up in full light. The other, beginning at loo feet, draws near till he can see the spots well enough to reproduce the pattern on the other which he carries. If he can do it at 75 feet he has wonderful eyes. Down even to 70 (done 3 times out of 5) he counts high honor; from 70 to 60 counts honor. Below that does not count at all. Home Star or Pole Star Each competitor is given a long, straight stick, in daytime, and told to lay it due north and south. In doing this he may guide himself by sim, moss, or anything he can find in nature — anything, indeed, except a compass. The Erection is checked by a good compass corrected for the localitv. The one who comes nearest wins. It is optional with the judges whether the use of a time- piece is to be allowed. Hostile Spy Hanging from the Totem pole is a red or yellow handkerchief. This is the Grand Medicine Trophy of the band. The Hos-