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46 Woodcraft Manual for Boys Talk-fest The Talk-fest, if properly handled, can be one of the most amusing of the Council Ring games. The idea is to have two good talkers talk simultaneously for not more than two minutes. Each selects his own subject. A jury of three persons is ap- pointed. The contest is decided on the basis of continuity^ humor, and general value of the speeches. Solemnity The idea is to have one member challenge another to a test of ability to keep one's face straight." Facing each other and in the presence of the crowd, each looks into the other's eyes to see which will smile or laugh first. Speech and gesture may be in- troduced if desired. OUTDOOR GAMES Watching by the Trail

This is a game we often play in the train, to pass the time pleasantly. Sometimes one party takes the right side of the road with the windows there, and the other the left. Sometimes all players sit on the same side. The game is, whoever is first to see certain things agreed on scores so many points. Thus: A crow or a cow coimts i A horse 2 A sheep • • • • 3 A goat 4 A cat • « . . 5 A hawk 6 An owl 7 The winner is the one who first gets 25 or 50 points, as agreed. When afoot, one naturally takes other things for points, as certain trees, flowers, etc. Trailing A good trailing stunt to develop alertness and observation is managed thus: One boy wearing the tracking irons is deei;