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Woodcraft Manual for Boys

when ordered, and submit without murmuring to its decision.'

"I receive you into our Order, and by this badge I formally signify the same." (Now the Guide pins the badge over the candidate's heart, or on his arm, shakes hands and says) :

"Now I declare your installation complete as a Wayseeker in the . . . Band of the . . . Tribe, which is of the Big Lodge in the Woodcraft League."

Thus one enters the Tribe and the League by joining a Band.

Installation of the Higher Ranks

Whenever a member has won the right to promotion the evidences are first submitted to the High Council or the Conmiittee they appoint, and if quite satisfactory the installation is made at the next Council or Grand Coimcil, whichever is most con- venient or desirable.

When the programme has gone as far ais "badges to be claimed," the Chief of the applicant's Tribe or Band shall announce the claim. The Committee who have examined the evidence now stand up to support the claim. The Guide or Chief at the Council Rock (in the chair) asks "if any do challenge the claim," and if none, briefly describes the qualifications and their value in our work, then says: "Acting for the Council, therefore, I now cut from the Homed Shield the green tassel, the badge of the rank this member is leaving, and announce that his installation is complete as a ... of the . . . Lodge.

Then clips off the green tassel, casts it into the fire, and shakes hands with the successful one, who retires to his seat amid loud applause.

The Conferring of Badges for Coups and Degrees

(See Section IV)

When in the Council the Guide or Chief, at the Council Rock, announces that now is the time to claim badges,. each who is prepared with a properly filled out blank (got from Headquarters) stands up till bidden to speak, then steps forward and says:

"O Chief, in behalf of ... of the .. . Band, I daim a coup (Grand Coup or Degree as it may be) for . . .