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Woodcraft Manual for Boys

spirit, therefore reverence your body. Cleanliness helps first yourself, then those around, and those who keep this law are truly in their country's loving service.

Understand and respect your body. It is the temple of the spirit, for without health can neither strength nor beauty be.

Protect all harmless wild-life for the joy its beauty gives.

And These Are the Rays from the Lamp of Truth

Hold your word of honor sacred . This is the law of truth, and any one not bound by this cannot be bound; and truth is wisdom.

Play Fair; for fair play is truth and foul play is treachery.

Be reverent. Worship the Great Spirit, and respect Worship of Him by others for none have all the truth, and all who reverently worship have claims on our respect.

And These Are in the Blazing Lamp of Love

Be Kind. Do at least one act of unbargaining service every day, even as ye would enlarge the crevice whence a spring runs forth to make its blessings more.

Be Helpful. Do your share of the work for the glory that the service brings, for the strength one gets in serving.

Be Joyful. Seek the joy of being alive — for every reasonable gladness you can get or give is treasure that can never be destroyed, and like the springtime gladness doubles, every time with others it is shared.

Then use the regular ceremony of the Council cutting short the business unless it is very interesting. After closing by singing the Omaha Tribal Prayer, the Cluef announces: "Our Council is ended, but our Council Fire bums; now, therefore, lest this blessing become a danger, it is the duty of our Fire Keeper to utterly quench our Council Fire or hedge it about with an impassable barrier lest it become a source of fire."


Sometimes the Council is closed with another song in which case the "Omaha" is sung after the lighting of the fire.

The Council Robe

A number of the members of the Woodcraft League have found the Council Robe at Grand Council both comfortable and picturesque.