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around the fire. The memory of those long-gone days is brought back again with their simple, reverent spirit, their sense of brotherhood, when we sit as our people used to sit about the fire and smell the wood smoke of Council.

Ceremony of Grand Council

When the members have familiarized themselves with the work they wiU want to mvite their friends and hold Grand Council, introducing various things, such as dramatic dances, songs, etc., in addition to the regular Doings in Council. The following order is suggested for the opening:

When all are assembled and seated, give a short roll of the drum.

Then let the Guide or the appointed Chief of the Council call out : "My friends, give ear — we hold a Council"; or if the Indian words are preferred, "Yo-hay-y- Yo-hay-y-y; Meetah Kola Nahoonpo Omnee-chee-yaynee-chopi.

If one of the members is to make the fire with the rubbing sticks, the Chief, still standing, now says in a loud, clear voice:

"Now light we the Coimcil Fire after the manner of the forest children, even as Wakonda himself doth light his fire — by the rubbing together of two trees in the storm wind, so cometh forth the sacred fire from the wood of the forest."

(He uses the drill; the smoke comes, the flame bursts forth.)

"Now know we that Wakonda the Great Spirit hath been pleased to smile on His children, hath sent down the sacred fire. By this we know He will be present at our Council, that His wisdom will be with us."

Four torches are there on our symbol fire. And from them reach twelve rays — twelvegolden strands of this the Law we hold.

From the Lamp of Fortitude Are These

Be Brave'; for fear is in the foundation of all ill; unflinchingness is strength.

Be Silent. It is harder to keep silence than to speak in the hour of trial, but in the end it is stronger.

Obey; for obedience means self-control, which is the sum of the law.

And These Are the Rays from Beauty's Lamp

Be Clean; for there is no perfect beauty without cleanliness of body, soul, and estate. The body is the sacred temple of the