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LIGHT HEART Red on pde blue. KINGSNAKE Yellow with red spots, ground pale green. ARROWHEADS Tuiqtioiw bhie axiow on dark brown. Ping BLUE SKY Large blue drde on white. FLYING PATROL or FLEET FOOT or WINGED HEEL. White on red. SHINING MOUNTAIN Dark blue semi-drde with white mountain. WAR QUILL White feather Made tip and red tuft on yellow. YELLOW QUnX All ydlow with bladi: tip on pale green.

o o o Q THE SEVEN STARS Pale pink on dark blue. OJIBWA Orange on pale blue. Peace Whoop. RED ARROW Red <m white. Zip-tip BLACKFOOT BUu:k and red. WarWhoc^. DEERFOOT Ydlow and blade on blue- g^reen. Pat-Pat-Pat HORSESHOE Bhie on pale yellow. CUnk-Ckmb RED-HAND Red hand on gray. Bo SNAPPER BAND. Red on turquoise. Snap-ouch