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Woodcraft Manual for Boys

FIREBOAT Datk blue on p^ green. , A biv whiitlE.

THUNDER CANOE lUck or duk gray on pkl Uiw. A vfaink then m bang.

BLACK EAWE BALD EAGLE Black on nd. WUte wad biDwn on yellair. KdtJKk-idi Krei-knt-ity Blue on blood nd. NIGHT-BIRD own uid afaitc on ptle bl Ftabedy-fieabody^ftabed^ »ht>IM. ^^ BUCE Purple on blue. AihriUwbUlle. LOON Bluk and white fbr Rid Loon, Amber Loon, etc, cm blue gnnind, A Iremulous aitat. MUSTANG Black Mnstang, Red Mu- ting, and ^ild Hone; on yellow ground. A lone neifh. V BUCKHORN. Black buck, etc, on ptli green ground. A •v^