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RAVEN Black on red Hroo-Hroo

HOOT OWL Black and yellow on green Wo-ka-hoa-hoo

OKOKOHOO or CATOWL Red and white on purple. Hoo-hoo-hoo

SCREECH OWL Dark red, white face on purple ground. Whill-il-il-loo A soft quavering cry.

BLACK VOLF Black on yellow or LOBO BAND Gray on pink. Ya-hooooo

BLACK CAT Black with yellow eyes on yellow ground. Me-ow

WOLF Black on red for Wolves. Brown in yellow for Brown Wolves. Red on pale blue for Red Wolves, etc,etc. You-w-w

LYNX Brown on gray. Brown on blue. Red on green. Yow-wow-wow

FOX Red on yellow for Red Foxes Silver on gold for Silver foxes. Yap-yurrr

WILD CAT Gray or brown on tea green. Yah-row-row

GRIZZLY Brown. Grr-woof

LITTLE BEAR Black or brown on pale buff. Woof-woof