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Coups and Degrees 415 " 3. Recite the Preamble to the Constitution. . Recite Lincohi's Gettysburg Address. . Name the ten American men whom you consider the great- est in our history and say why. . Name the ten American women whom you consider the greatest in our history and say why. In this and in the pre- ceding living persons are not to be included, and remember that all must be measured by what they accomplished. . Name the ten great turning points in our history and say -why you consider them to be so. . Organize and take part in some pageant or other function celebrating some important local or national event or epoch. . Tell the history of the flag and the proper method to show respect to it. . Tell why we should conserve the forests and wild life. . Know the names, home places, and occupations of your grandparents, and great-grandparents, including the maiden names of the mothers in question. . Name the ten greatest heroes that your own race has given the world. . Have been responsible for a folk dance class of children. . Have helped by public meetings and agitation to secure the passage of law as to people's use of school buildings. New York, New Jersey, Washington, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Kansas, In- diana, and the District of Columbia are in possession of a law that permits the people to use school buildings aside from school hours, for the purpose of meeting and discussing "any and all subjects and questions which in their judgment may appertain to the educational, political, economic, artistic, and moral interest of the citizens." . Have been responsible for marking (in artistic and ap- propriate way) some historic spot. . Have helped to establish a bird sanctuary. Potter {NampeyOj Famous Pueblo Indian Potter) J The Degree of Potter may be conferred on any one who takes ten of these tests: I. Make bird's drinking fountain or basin, twelve ■ ^ or more inches across. 2. Make set of four bowls: decoration in Zuni style, Moqui style, Acoma and San Domingo styles.