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...bad logging, giving reasons why one is good and another bad.

11. Tell whether a tree is dying from injury by fire, by insects, by disease, or by a combination of these causes.

12. Know what tools to use in lumbering.

13. Know how to fight fires in hilly or in flat country.

14. Know the effect upon stream-flow of the destruction of forests at head waters.

15. Know what are the four great uses of water in streams.

16. Know what causes the pollution of streams, and how it can best be stopped.

17. Know how, in general, water-power is developed.

18. Tell, for a given piece of farm land, whether it is best suited for use as a farm or forest, and why.

19. Point out examples of erosion, and tell how to stop it.

20. Estimate closely how much timber and how much cord-wood is in a given acre of woods.

21. Name six trees that will float when green, and six that will not.

22. Know something of the relation of birds and quadrupeds to forest trees.

23. Fell a six-inch tree in sixty seconds, driving with it a given stake.

24. Make 100 trees grow where none grew heretofore.

25. Camp in the woods for thirty nights.

26. Teach a class the rudiments in forestry.



The Degree of Frontiersman may be conferred on any one who takes eight of these tests:

1. Milk a cow.

2. Interpret from any one language into English.

3. Fell a tree in a given place.

4. Weld an iron.

5. Temper a knife.

6. Solder a tin.

7. Shoot to win honors with a rifle.

8. Tie six kinds of knots.

9. Make a thread lashing.

10. Use an axe correctly.