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Band Meetings

Each Band should select a Band name and totem. The Band should hold a weekly meeting followed by a Tribal meeting (of all the Bands), or it may be decided to make the Tribal meetings less frequent.


The Charter, costing $3.00 annually, certifies that the Tribe is registered at Headquarters and entitles the Tribe to a definite place in the Woodcraft League, to recognize achievements according to the Woodcraft Manual for Boys and to wear the badges of the League. With the Charter comes a Guide's Appointment, also two Pledges to be pasted in the Tally Book, one for the members to sign and one for the officers to sign. The $3.00 charter fee covers all the expenses of chartering a group regardless of its size (up to fifty). Individual badges of rank should be purchased as needed. See p. 23, also page 11.

A Meeting Place

One of the very first problems the Tribe will have to face is that of providing a place to meet. It should be comfortable, clean, quiet, and kurge enough to seat the Tribe in a cirde. For the Band meeting a smaller room will do. If the room is used by others it will be necessary to use it without change; but when a Tribe has entire control of a room, or when the room is used by more than one Tribe, it will be possible to fix it up so as to suggest an outdoor council ring, the interior of a log cabin or stockade. For the outdoor ring see Section III, Chapter 2.


In the Woodcraft League the meetings of the Bands and Tribes are called Councils. A weekly meeting would be called Regular Council, a meeting with a more elaborate program and with visitors is called Grand Council. A meeting of the Guides and officers is called High Council. One at least of the Guides should familiarize himself with the nmning of the Council, as soon as possible.