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310 Woodcraft Manual for Boys Nova Scotia to Minnesota and south to Oklahoma and Georgia. Red, Scarlet, Water, or Swamp Maple {Acer nibrum) A fine tree the same size as the preceding. Noted for its flaming crimson foliage in fall, as well as its red leaf-stalks, flowers, and fruit earlier. Its wood is light-colored, tinged reddish, close-giained, smooth with varieties of grain, as in Sugar Maple; heavy. A cubic foot wei^is 39 lbs. Leaves 1 to 6 inches loi^. Quebec to Miimesota and south to Gulf. Box Elder, or Ash-leaved Maple {Acer Negundo) A small tree, 40 to 50 up to 70 feet high, found chieflj; along streams. Wood pale, soft, close-grained, light. A cubic foot