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250 Woodth Manual for Boys purple martin, as well as with the English sparrow if they are set up in town. ' Alexander Wilson tells us that the Choctaw and Chicasaw Indians used to make bird houses for the purple martins thus: “Cut ofl all top branches from a sapling, near their cabins, leav- ing the prongs a foot or two in length, on each of which they hang Th MM rat-Viral. d. BIRD BOXES "m a gourd or calabash properly hollowed out for their conveni- ence.” But the wild-wood box or hollow limb is more sightly and for some birds more attractive. There are several ways of using the natural limb. One is, take a .seven or eight inch stick of chestnut about twenty inches long, split four slabs off it (0), then saw ofi three inches of each end of the “core” and nail the whole thing together again (p and q), omitting the middle part of the core.