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Things to Know and- Do 245 Woodcraft Dyes The dyes used to stain porcupine quills, spruce roots, and other strong material, of which they made ornaments and utensils, were very numerous, and some of them very beautiful. Red. Soak the roots in the juice of the Squaw-berry— Blitum or Mis-caw-wa. Many other berries give red or purple. Black. Boil the roots, etc., with the bark, branches, and berries of sumac, or the bark and chips of oak and soft maple, with some iron in the pot. Yellow. A beautiful yellow is made by boiling the inner bark of golden or black oak. Or the root of yellowroot or hydrastis. In the Rocky Mountains the yellow moss off pine trees serves. Orange. Orange is obtained by two dips—one in the red and one in the yellow after the first is dry. Lace or Thong If you need a lace or thong and have no leather long enough, take a square piece, round the corners, then cut it round and round, till it is all used up. Pull and roll the thong produced until it is small and even, without kinks. Woodcraft Buttons On the Plains, when a button is lost‘or needed, it is easy to make one of leather. Usually a piece of an old strap is used. Cut it the right size, make two holes in it, and sew Showmg lbow n he: may be cut ”from A' small INCCC filmnsmudc of . fh’ucK luflur