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234 Woodcraft Manual for Boys space separating them is one inch. Keep alternating butts and tops. At each point, that is at four places on each rod, make a lashing of waxed thread, holding_rod and cords to- gether (No. 2). I have seen beds with only two lashings, that' is, one at each end, but four lashings is the sound and safe plan. When the rod-work is six feet long, it is time to taper ofl. No.3, Various hcicu - Cami—5‘“ NI}. Willow 61‘. With Black Wolf Y‘al‘rm Put in one big rod for a finish, and tie hard loops in the cords at this point. Then, using shorter rods, make a narrower part about eighteen inches high for a head. Finally, cover this head with a piece of brown khaki or canvas which should be decorated with the band’s colors and totem, either painted or done in beadwork, or in colored cottons that are cut out and sewed on (Cuts Nos. 3 and 4). It is well to add also a wooden hook for one’s watch (a and b, Cut No. 3) and a pocket for matches and money, etc., at night. ft}; Li‘d‘hdt—xAg‘H’E; i. -A __;f' . ,4 Aymkt‘. ( -_._‘:._.il_ ,2