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VvT—v "fl”.rm, W Things to Know and Do 227 and one below, until the mat is of the required length; The' cords are then fastened, the cross-bars removed, and the mat, when dried, makes a fine bed. When added to the willow bed, it is pure luxury; but lawful, because made of wildwood material. Navajo Loom A profitable amusement in camp is weaving rugs or mats of inner bark, rags, etc., on a rough Navajo loom. The crudest kind, one which can be made in an hour, is illustrated below. I have found it quite satisfactory for weaving rough mats or rugs. A and B are two trees or posts. C is the cross piece. D is the upper yarn-beam, wrapped its I , ¢——§£I . I?) 1 'l r (l ‘ _- III"? A, , c, _ 775' 1 D II 35:21:53. ' / !I III E _ ,7 A~ a it" . ‘ "'1 " i 1‘ / WW ] ‘ whole length with a spiral cord. E is the lower yam-beam, I similarly wrapped. F F are stout cords to carry the frame while the warp is being stretched between the yam-beams. G G is a log hung on for weight. H is a round stick fast-