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226 Woodcraft Manual for Boys roof can be made. Make the structure very strong with cross pole so close side by side that they touch each other. On them lay a few inches of grass, and cover all with the clay hammered smooth. In each case, the ends may be filled up with the same material . as the roof. A fire in front makes of it a very comfortable dwelling. In rough, hasty work, the lashing of the poles is dispensed with ; the poles being held in place by knots left projecting on the two main end supports. This answers for the clay or the bough roof, _ but will not do for birch bark or other shingling. Camp Loom and Grass Mats The chief use of the camp loom is to weave mats for the beds of grass, straw, hay, or, best of all, sedge. I have made it thus: A 3-foot cross-bar A is fast to a small tree, and seven feet away even stakes are driven into the ground 8 inches apart, each 3 feet out of the ground. Five stout cords are tied to each stick, and to the cross-bar, (5%. C4 FH—L fiud (van-bu Icm unbu- ‘,D..""’ Marloom. ‘-‘ _ keeping them parallel. Then, between each on the cross-bar, is attached another cord (four in all) the far end of which is made fast to a loose cross-bar, B. One person raises the loose cross-bar B, while another lays a long bundle of grass tight in the comer C. Then B is lowered to D, and another roll of grass or sedge is tucked in on the under side of the stake cords. Thus the bundles are laid one above 4 4k _4“_ 1A _.' A; 4__._-“.-. _, AI“ _a’h_ll_‘u._n _ n. A __a_‘