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214 Woodcraft Manual for Boys not get away. It was not likely any one would steal from him ' that unfragrant carcass, so he would come back and get it later if he must. But .as we see, he did not have to do so. His faith and patience were amply justified. Instead of a cold, unpleasant snake, he fed on a fine hot bird.

Tracks of 61d man. ' “ “ a young hunter. “ “ a city woman. N H dog- “ ‘1 Cat. 3 a p.- -_-¢0-- U- l 3 weer" Thus I got a long, autobiographical chapter of fox-life by simply following his tracks through the snow. I never once saw the fox himself that made it, and yet I know—and you know—it to be true as I have told it. @11th Sheep LALJVA. _n_ -h — ‘