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an Woodcraft Manual for Boys blizzard. The blizzard isa terror to wild life out on the lains. When it comes the biggest, strongest, best clad, rush for elter. They know that to face it means death. The prairie chickens or grouse have learned the lesson long ago. What shelter can they seek? There is only one—an Eskimo shelter—a snow house. They can hide' in the shelter of the snow.

No. 5. M'Ihe record of the fox’ a hunt

As the night comes, with the fearful frost and driving clouds of white, the chickens dive into a snowdrift; not on the open plain, for there the snow is hammered hard by the wind, but on the edge of the woods, where tall grass spears or scattering twigs stick up through and keep the snow from packing. Deep in this the chickens dive, each making a lace for itself. The wind wipes out all traces, levels 03 each ho e and hides them well. There they remain till morning, warm and safe, unless—and here is the chief danger—some wild animal comes by during