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Things to Know and Do not When the wind is in .the east, It’s good for neither man nor beast. When the wind is in the north, The old folk should not venture forth. When the wind is in the south, It blows the bait in the fishes mouth. When the wind is in the west, It is of all the winds the best. An opening and a shetting Is a sure sign of a wetting. (Another version) Open and shet, Sure sign of wet. (Still another) It’s lighting up to see to rain. Evenin red and morning gray Sends e traveler on his way. Evening gray and morning red Sends the traveler home to bed. Red sky at morning, the shepherd takes warning; Red sky at night is the shepherd’s delight. If the sun goes down cloudy Friday, sure of a clear Sunday. If a rooster crows standing on a fence or high place, it will clear. If on the ground, it doesn’t count. Between eleven and two You can tell what the weather is going to do. Rain before seven, clear before eleven. Fog' 1n the morning, bright sunny day. If it rains, and the sun is shining at the same time, the devil iswhipping his wife and it will surely rain to-morrow. If it clears off during the night, it will rain again sh.ortly Sun drawing water, sure sign of rain.