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"zoo Woodcraft Mannal for Boys To Measure Distance Between Two Objects at a Distance Cut three poles six, eight, and ten feet long and peg them to- gether in a triangle. A B C is a right angle according to the laws of mathematics if the legs of the triangle are six, eight, and ten. Place the right angle on the shore, the side A B pointing to the inner side of the first object D (say a tree), and the side B C as nearly as possible parallel with the line between the two trees. Putin a stake at B, another at C, and continue this line toward K. Now slide the triangle along this till the side GFpointstoE,andthesideH GisinlinewithCB. The distance from D to E, of course, is equal to B G. See “Two Little Savages,” 1903. Weather Wisdom When the dew is on the grass, Rain will never come to pass. When the grass is dry at night, Look for rain before the light. When grass is dry at morning light, Look for rain before the night. ‘ ‘W Three days’ rain will empty any sky. . ‘ DOA» A deep, clear sky of fleckless blue Breeds storms within a day or two. ‘M—WR_ Lm—x‘ __._ _ ._ AA.‘-LJ?A-I, I l ‘5’ “In. t. .5' .‘_.MA