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98 Woodcraft Manual for Boys

its smell, its pink or brown gills, its white flesh, brown spores, and solid stem. Mushroom Growing (See Article on “How to Raise Money") Books Recommended Enmm AND POISONOUS FUNGI or NEW You, by Charles H. Peck. Pubhshed by New York State Museum, Albany, 1895. Emma FUNGI or New You, by Charles H. Peck. Published by New York State Museum, Albany, 1906. . Tm: Musmoou Boox, by Nina L. Marshall. Published, 1902, at New York by Doubleday, Page & Co. 33. so . ONE THOUSAND AMERICAN FUNGI, by Mchaine & Macadam, 85. Pub- lished by the Hobbs-Merrill Company of Indianapolis, 1902; add 40 cents ms. usnnoons, by G. F. Atkinson. Holt & Co. 0131:: Musnoou, by M. E. Hard. The Ohio Library Company, Columbus, 0. White Man’s Woodcraft or Mounting Weights and Distance Would you like to tell a dog’s height by its track? Then take the length in inches of his forefoot track, multiply it by eight, and that will give you his height at the shoulder. A little dog has a 24}-inch foot and stands about eighteen inches; a Sheepdog with a 3-inch track measures twenty-four inches, and a mastifl’ or any big dog with a. 4-inch track gives thirty to thirty-two inches. The dog’s weight, too, can be judged by the track. Multiply the width of his forefoot in inches by the length, and multiply that by five and you will have a pretty close estimate of his weight in pounds. This, of course, does not apply to freak dogs. The Height of Trees To get the height of a tree, cut a pole ten feet long. Choosing the smoothest ground A, prop the pole some distance from the tree. Lay down so that the eye B is level with the tree base and in line with the top of the pole and the tree. Mark the mm B with a peg and measure the distance from the peg to e foot of the pole, then from the peg to. the foot of the tree. The height of the tree will be found by the formula: the distance between the peg and the pole is to the height of the pole as