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CHAPTER III WOODLORE AND HANDICRAFT Edible Wild Plants Mushrooms White Man’s Woodcraft— Measuring Weights and Distance Weather Wisdom When Lost in the Woods Tracking and Trailing Keeping Up the Old Trails The Value of Doing Indian Tweezers Indian Clock Watch as Compass Horne-made Compass Lights Hunter's Lamp Woodman’s Lantern Knife and Hatchet Waterproof Shelter Camp Loom Navajo Loom Camp Rake Camp Broom Rubbing-stick Fire Drum Woodcraft Willow Bed Making a Teepee Archery Woodcraft Paints Woodcraft Dyes Lace or Thong Woodcraft Buttons Handicraft Stunts Miscellaneous Spoons Bird Boxes Sparrow-proof Bird Box Knots Blazes and Signs Stone Signs Grass and Twig Signs 'Smoke Signals Signals by Shots Tramp Signs How to Raise Money