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Things to Know and Do 181 Mosquitoes, Black Flies, etc. If you are camping in mosquito or fly season, the trip may be ruined if you are not fully prepared. For extreme cases, use the ready-made head-nets. They are hot, but efiectual. You can easily get used to the net; no one can stand the flies. In my Arctic trip of 1907, we could got have endured life without the nets. Indians and all wore em. 0f the various dopes that are used, one of the simplest and best is Colonel N. Fletcher’s, given in Kephart’s “Book of Camping and Woodcraft”: “Pure pine tar . . . . . . 1 oz. Oil pennyroyal . . . . . . I oz. Vaseline . . . . . . . 3 ozs. “Mix cold in a mortar. If you wish, you can add 3 per cent. oarbolic acid to above. Some make it 1% ozs. tar.” Most drug shops keep ready-made dopes under such names as Citronella, Repellene, Lollakapop, etc. Lighting at Fire The day Columbus landed (probably) the natives remarked: “White man fool, make big fire, can’t go near; Indian make little fire and sit happy.” We all know that a camp without a campfire would be. no camp at all; its chiefest charm would be absent. Your first care, then, is to provide for a small fire and pre- vent its spreading. In the autumn this may mean very elabo- rate clearing, or burning, or wetting of a space around the fire. In the winter it means nothing. Cracked Jimmy, in “Two Little Savages,” gives very practical .directionS for lighting a fire anywhere in the timbered northern part of America, thus: “ F irst a curl of burch bark as dry as it can be, Then some twigs of soft wood, dead, but on the tree, Last of all some pine-knots to make the kittle foam, And there’s a fire to make you think you’re settin’ right at home.” .