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. ‘v- ‘1‘ ‘1' m“— 7‘" T" j ‘5 v v 'W. WV Things to Know and Do 177 1:10 put in one corner of their banner a small pair of black orns. What are they? Usually a pair of polished bufialo horns with a fringed buckskin hanger, on which is an inscription saying that they were won by . . . Band at such a camp. When buffalo horns cannot be got, common cow horns or eve horns of wood are used. ' Woodcraft Council Ring In every large permanent camp a Woodcraft Council Fire Circle should be established at once. The uses and benefits of this will be seen more and more, as camp goes on. For the Woodcraft Council Ring, select a sheltered, level place - that admits of a perfectly level circle 30 feet across. On the outer rim of this have a permanently fixed circle of very low seats; 6 inches is high enough, but they should have a back, and ultimately a rain shed to protect those seated. Each Band should make its own seat, and always sit there during Council. On the back of the seat should be two loops of wire or string in which to put their standard. Back of the first row should be a slightly higher row. If the ground slopes up, all the better, but in any case there should be fixed seats enough for all the camp. The place should be carefully leveled and pre- pared, and kept always in order, for it will be used several times each day, either for Councils or for games, dances, and per- formances. At one side of the ring in a conspicuous place should be the throne of the Chief; close by this a desk and seat for the Tally Keeper and on the desk should be a lantern holder; in the exact middle of the ring is the Council Fire, never a bonfire. Councils Three kinds of Councils are held in the Woodcraft Council Rin : - Lg The High Council of the Chiefs and Guides daily, and at other times when called, arranges programs. - 2. The General or Common Council of all the campers every night from seven to nine o’clock. At this we have some business (in the awarding of honors), some campfire stunts or challenges, and a little entertainment. , 3. Grand Council. This is usually held once a week. Every one comes in full Woodcraft costume. Visitors are invited.