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158 Woodcraft Manual for Boys had indeed the same meaning as our olive branch. The tree is easily read; it was a pair of figures like this done in Wampum that recorded Penn’s Treaty. ' > “Good” is sometimes given as a circle full of lines all straight and level, and for "bad” they are crooked and contrary. The wavy lines stood for water, so good water is clearly indicated. lg" . ‘—"' Level V Snow Moon or January "—9 Direction forward Hunger Moon or Febru- ary Direction Mmrd ' Crow Moon Sun or day m" Grass Moon or April Sunrise Planting Moon or May Sunset Ro e M Noon 5 oon or June Night Thunder Moon or July Red Moon or Green Day back one, or yes- Corn A t tenday Da forward one ' tX-morrow ’ or Heating Moon Septem. r M th oon, or mon Leaf - Falling Moon §<rilgseei @(éCCt’G-QQCECCQQ Rain October . ’Mad Moon November 4%” Snow ()5 Year (or snow round to 9 Long Night Moon De- . mow) oember The three arrows added mean that at three arrows’ flight in that direction, that is a quarter mile, there is good, water. If there was but one arrow and it pointed straight down that meant “good water here,” if it pointed down and outward it meant “good water at a little distance.” If the arrow was raised to carry far, it meant “ good water a long way ofi there.” This sign was of the greatest value in the dry country of the South- ' March the Wakening or - Jr. _ ,4.) 4