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"rm"! “W“ “V" 'v If I WWW M": V 1W": _Things to Know and Do 153 Knife (first and second fingers of right hand used as to Whittle first finger of left); House. Hold the flat hands together like a roof. Pistol (making barrel with left hand, stock and hammer with right, snap right index on‘ thumb); Query.' The sign for Ques- tion—that is, “I am asking you a question,” “I want to know”—is much used and important. Hold up the right hand toward the person, palm forward, fingers open, slightly curved and spread. Wave the hand gently by wrist action from side to side. It is used before, and sometimes after, all questions. If you are very near, merely raise the eyebrows. The following are needed in asking questions: How'Many? First the Question sign, then hold the left hand open, curved, palm up, fingers spread, then with right digit quickly tap each finger of left in succession, closing it back toward the left palm, beginning with the little finger. How Much ? Same as How many 1’ What 7' What are you doing? What do you want? What is it? First give Question, then hold right hand palm down, fingers slightly bent and separated, and, pointing forward, throw it about a foot from right to left several times, describing an arc upward. When ? If seeking a definite answer as to length of time, make signs for Question, How much, and then specify time by sign for hours, days, etc. When asking in general “When” for a date, hold the left index extended and vertical, others and thumb closed, make a circle round left index tip with tip of extended right index, others and thumb closed; and when the index reaches the starting point, stop it, and point at tip of left index (what point of shadow?). ' Where 7 (What direction?) Question, then with forefinger sweep the horizon in a succession of bounds, a slight pause at the bottom of each. Whiqh ? Question, then hold left hand in front of you with