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152 Woodcraft Manual for Boys Warning (forefinger gently shaken at a slight angle toward person); S corn (turning away and throwing an imaginary handful of sand toward person); I nsolent defiance (thumb to nose tips, fingers fully spread); I ndiflerence (a shoulder shrug); Ignorance (a shrug and headshake combined); Arrogant (indicate swelled head), Pompous (indicate a big chest), Incredulity (expose white of eye with finger, as though prov- ing no green there), Shame on you (right forefinger drawn across left toward person several times); You make me ashamed (cover eyes and face with hands); M ockery (stick tongue at person); Disdain (snap fingers toward person); Applause (silently make as though clapping hands); ‘ Victory (one hand high above head as though waving hat), He is crass (forefinger crossed level), Fool or ass (a thumb 1n each ear, flat hands up); Cutthraat (draw index across throat); I am no fool (tap one side of the nose); Joke (rub side of nose with index); Upon my honor (with forefingers make a cross over heart), I beg of you (flat hands tight together and upright), Do you think me simple ? (forefinger laid on side of nose); Will you ? or,is isit so ? (eyebrows raised and slight bow made), Bar up, fins, or I claim exemption (cross second finger of right hand on first finger and hold hand up); P_overty (both hands turned flat forward near trouser pockets); Bribe (hand held hollow up behind the back); 01:1); me (hold out open flat hand pulling it back a little to finish , . I give you (the same, but push forward to finish); Pay (hand held out half open, forefinger and thumb rubbed together), Give me my bill (same, then make motion of writing), ' ‘ Church (hands clasped, fingers m, but index fingers up and touching); 1)€evolver (hold out right fist with index extended and thumb Up , Gun or shooting (hold hands as in aiming a gun); Match (make the sign of striking a match on the thigh); Jew (flat hands waved near shoulders palm up), 4 1- I»- Ann-r". ._.. "ad-4:.- 1-— :‘5 Am I. A w- Ant.” .(‘_ L‘s-1.-