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WW}... '. Things to Know and Do 14! Breathing “Shut Your Mouth and Save Your Life" was the title of an essay by George Catlin, a famous outdoor man, who lived among the Indians, and ,wrote about them 1825 to ’40. In this he pointed out that it is exceedingly injurious to breathe through your mouth; that, indeed, many persons injured their lungs by taking in air that was not strained and warmed first through the nose, and in many cases laid the foundation of diseases which killed them. ‘ Don’t Turn Out Your Toes Too Much When you see a man whose toes are excessively turned out, you may knows he was born and brought up on sidewalks. He is a poor walker and will not hold out on an all-day tramp. The mountaineer and the Indian scout always keep their feet nearly straight. It is easier on the feet, it avoids corns and bunions, and it lengthens the stride; makes, in short, a better traveller. A glance at his tracks will tell you how a person walks. The Keen Eyes of the Indian. > Do You Wish to Have Them? Near-sighkdness. An eminent eye doctor, Dr. W. H. Bates of New York, has found out how you can have sight as keen and eyes as good as those of the Indians who live out of doors. After eight years’ study of the subject he has established the following: , a. The defect known as near-sight or short-sight seldom exists at birth, but is acquired. b. Besides being acquirable, it is preventable and in some cases curable. c. It comes through continual use of the eye for near objects only, during the years of growth. The Remedy. The remedy is, give the eye regular muscular exercise every day for far-sight by focussing it for a few minutes on distant objects. It is not enough to merely look at the far-ofi landscapes. The eye must be definitely focussed on something, like print, before the necessary muscular adjustment is perfect and the eflect obtained. _ The simplest way to do this is—get an ordinary eye testing card, such as is sold for a nickel at any optician’s. Hang it up