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HEALTH Health Hints The law of the Woodcraft Boys is “understand and respect your body—it is the temple of the spirit.” Most of the joy in living comes from a healthy body, every part of which is in perfect order and'running smoothly. Health means activity. Only a body which has been used and tried will radiate vitality. There was a time when the body was spoken of as a thing to be ashamed of, as something to hinder one from achieving the worthwhile things. In those days men spoke of spiritual things and worldly things ,thinking they were distinct and separate—forgetting thatgS the things of the spirit work themselves out through the body. The most beautiful thing in the world is the human body and the most wonderful. Cherished with this idea. the muscles become beautiful and strong, the skin clean and firm. Such a body is fit to meet the struggles of life and has a reserve force to meet the call of emergency. Most of us start with a good body and it is our sacred duty to keep it so. Here are a few rules for you to follow: 1. Carry yourself well. Throw your shoulders back. Ex- pand your chest. Don’t slouch. 2. Breathe deeply. Practise proper breathing. Have as large a chest expansion as possible. 3. Learn to sleep properly. Get at least eight hours and if possible nine. Have plenty of fresh air in your room. 4. Accustom your body to the air. Make sure your muscles of the back and stomach are in the best of condition. Use the wet and dry rub down frequently—every day. Ac- custom your body to firmness, avoid any tendency toward softness. 5. Eat simple food—avoid stimulants. Check any habits of drinking soft stufi, over-eating candy. Stop when you have eaten enough. 6. Above all be clean Bathe frequently and carefully. See that all parts of the body are cleansed thoroughly and regularly. 139