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134 Woodcraft Manual for Boys Don’t use kerosene to light fires with, or use benzine or naphtha near open flames. Don’t fill kerosene lamps when lighted. Don’t use a poor quality of kerosene oil. Don’t put ashes in wooden boxes or barrels. Keep ashes away from boards. Don’t put hot ashes on dumbwaiter, or near wooden partitions. Don’t have piles of rubbish in the house, or cellars, or in workshops. Don’t use candles on Christmas trees. Don’t keep matches in anything but a closed metal box. Don’t tie back the dumbwaiter shaft in the cellar. Don’t store oils, paints, grease, or fats in the house. Don’t have greasy rags around, they catch fire by themselves Don’t have lace curtains near gas brackets. Don’t use folding gas brackets. Don’t use gasoleue, naphtha, or benzine in the house unless all windows are open and there is no light near. Don’t pour gasoleue or naphtha down the drain. Don’t use kitchen stoves close on tables unless there is a metal sheet underneath the burners. Don’t set gas stoves right up against the wall. They should have a metal sheet behind them. Don’t look for gas leaks with a lighted match or candle. IN CASE OF FIRE But suppose that in spite of your doing your share some one else has failed, and a fire has broken out in a house. The first thing is keep cool, act quickly, and send in an alarm. How. Find the nearest alarm box to your home. If it opens with a key, find out who keeps the key. The ordinary box has no key; you simply turn the handle to the right, open the door, and pull the hook down all the way and let go. Wait until the firemen arrive and direct them to the fire. If you don’t know where the nearest alarm box is located, use the ’phone and ask Central for Fire Headquarters, and tell the Fire Department operator the exact address of the building where fire is. If the fire is in a crowded building, the first thing is to keep cool and help others to do the same, for PANIC is worse than Fire. It‘kills far more. Keep cool and help others do the same. A cool man who can get up and address the crowd from the step can often do wonders, for though they cannot hear him the crowd can see that he is cool. This helps .them. 3.4 ”h“ _. A‘ A‘I-|- 4.4]; fl J.44 ‘An— 4).- -1. A A ‘1