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114 Woodcraft Manual for Boys watched and watched as those seven beautiful birds sailed away on wings like silken webs, and whose feet trailed a blur oi orange against the blue of the morning sky. He bowed his head then — ^for he knew that those trailing, graceful feet were his Kah-lo-ka's one defected — glorified." "Do they always travel in flocks of seven? " I asked. " Not always, but often so," she replied. " So when you count seven white ones, it will be sure to be Kah-lo-ka and her children; that is why I say you have good luck, and a true sweetheart. It is only an old Indian story, but it means much." "I suppose, klootchman, it means that like begets like?" I half questioned. "That truth bears truth. That fidelity bears fidelity — ^is that it? " "Yes, did not the SagaUe Tyee say that truth could not mate with untruth? " she said very reverently. How Men Found the Great Spirit From Around the Fire/' by H. M. Burr, Permission Association Press. In the olden time when woods covered all the earth except the deserts and the river bottoms, and men Uved on the fruits and berries they found and the wild animals which they could shoot or snare, when they dressed in skins and lived in caves, there was little time for thought. But as men grew stronger and more cunning and learned how to Uve together, they had more time to think and more mind to think with. Men had learned many things. .They had learned that cold weather followed hot, and spring, Winter; and that the sun got up in the morning and went to bed at night. They saw that the great water was kindly when the sun shone, but when the sun hid its face and the wind blew Upon it, it grew black and angry and upset their canoes. They had found that knocking flints together or rubbing dry sticks would light the dry moss, and that the flames which would bring back summer in the midst of winter and day in the midst of night were himgry and must be fed, and when they escaoed devoured the., woods and only the water could stop them. These and many other things men learned, but no one knew why it all was or how it came to be. Men began to wonder, and that was the beginning of the path which lei to the Great Spirit. In the ages when men began to wonder there was bom a boy