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Tribe Activities lo; than that, he is beloved by the Great One." And Om was glad. For a while the boys brooded over their adventure and kept away from the buffalo valley. But the horns and the great claws kept reminding them, and ag^ all their hunting trips seemed to lead toward the dangerous valley. Oma had tried to make Om promise that he would not go there again, but Ai^ had said: "Do not make him promise. He must prove his man-right as we all have done, and the Great One loves him." Finally Om said to Sut: "We cannot escape the call of the death valley. Something tells me that we will either leave our bones there or win our man-right. I have been thinking it over, and it seems to me that one of the reasons why so many men have lost theh lives there is that they have not used their brains and they have not worked together. Why shouldn't we be the first to do it? My idea is this. We will get ti^ether ten boys of our own age and we will have only those who will promise under the sacred oak tree to hunt tt^ether and not each for hun- self . Then we will choose one who shall be to the others as the head is to the hands and feet. All shall obey him. When we have learned to work together, we will go where the cliffs which overlook the buffalo valley draw together, and we will pile great stones where a push will send them craving down. Then we will keep watch, and some time when the wind blows up the valley and the herd is well up to where the cliffs are too steep to climb, where they come together like two streams, we will pray to the Fire Spirit and take burning brands from the fire and light the tall dead grass at the opening of the valley. Six will start from one side and six from the other, and we must outrun the deer. The buffalo will run from the wall of fire farther and farther up into the narrow part of the valley, and when they are bunched together like fish in a trap we will hurl down great stones and shoot our arrows, and there will be meat enough for all the men of the north country, and every cave shall have its buffalo skm at the going m." So Om and Sut got the other boys ti^ether with great secrecy, and every one was made to take die oath of loyalty to the gang ' ;r the sacred oak. And Sut was chosen chief, because he the best talker. Om could make the plans and carry them In the working of the thing Sut did most of the talking, he always kept his eye on Om and did what Om wanted, when it came to doing things Om was leader, jr weeks the clan scouted the valley, often having hair- dth escapes when they ventured too near. It seemed as if