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88 Woodcraft Manual for Boys First, Nana-bo-jou is seen chasiog the children around the out* side of the circle, trying to catch one to eat; but failing, thinks he'll try a trick and he says, "Stop, stop, my brothers. Why should we quarrel? Come, let's hold a council together and I will teach you a new dance. " The animals whisper together and the coyote comes forwardj barks, then says: "Nana-bo-jou, I am the Coyote. The animals say that they will come to council if you will really make peace and play no tricks. "Tricks! "says Nana-bo-jou "I only want to teach you the new songs from the South. " Then all the animals troop in and sit in a circle. Nana-bo-jou takes his drum and begins to sing, . " New songs from the South, my brothers. Dance to the new songs. " Turning to one, he says: "Who are you and what can you dance?" The answer is, "I am the Beaver (or whatever it is) and I can dance the Beaver Dance." "Good! Come and show me how." So the Beaver dances to the music, slapping the back of his flat right hand, up and imder his left hand for a tail, holding up a stick in both paws to gnaw it, and lumbering along in time to the music at the same time imitating the beaver's waddle. Nana-bo-jou shouts: "Fine! That is the best Beaver Dance I ever saw. You are wonderful; all you need to be perfect is wings. Wouldn't you like to have wings so you could fly over the tree-tops like the eagle? " " Yes,*' says the Beaver. "I can make strong medicine and give you wings, if all the animals will help me," says Nana-bo-jou. " Will you? " "Yes," they all cry. "Then all close yoiu: eyes tight and cover them with your paws. Don't look until I tell you. Beaver, dose your eyes and dance very fast and I will make magic to give you wings." All close and cover their eyes. Nana-bo-jou sings very loudly and, rushing on the Beaver, hits him on the head with the straw club. The Beaver faUs dead. The two goblins run in from one side and drag off the body. Then Nana-bo-jou shouts: "Look, look, now. See how he