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Tribe Activities 83 ajid at the third or last (rising higher each time) finally is just about to let go when a noise out to one side suddenly attracts his attention. He turns quickly to realize that close at hand is a band of his tribal enemies and that he is in a trap. His ex- pression of triumph changes to fear. He shrinks to the ground and swiftly runs away till at the exit there he turns, and, fling- ing back a deficit ydl, shakes his spear at the foes and is lost to view. A long drum roll closes the scene. The D(^ Dance This is a Shoshoni celebration. A procession is formed. The leader carries a. bucket, a stool, or a basket upside donn, for a low stand. The next one carries a dog's skull, or something like one. We have iised a loaf of bread, provided with eyes and teeth, or a big puff ball. The next has a dish or a flat Indian basket or tray. The next two or three have feathers, and the rest have crackers or candies. The last is fixed up with a dog's mask and tail, and runs on alt-fours. The procession comes in dancing and barking to a two-time dance tune — goes once around. Then the leader puts down the stand. The skull is set on it, and the tray on the ground before. The rest sit in a half-drde in front. The leader then kneels down and addresses the skull thus: "Dog! In the days of our fathers you were the one who dragged the lodge poles from camp to camp. Without you, we could have had no comfortable place in which to sleep. So I will dance and sing in your honor to-night." He puts a feather in the dog's head, then dances his best dance, while the rest sing, "Yap-yap, Yap-yap, Yap-yap, Yow-w-w-o" in imitation of a dog barking on a rising scale, finishing with a long howl. The leader has now danced to the other end of the half- circle and sits down. The next comes and addresses the skull: "Dog! In times you were the one who guarded the camp at night. No >uld surprise us when you were on watch. Nothing make you betray us. So I will dance and sing in your to-night!" idda a feather and dances his best, while the rest "Yap" g chorus. Then he sits at the opposite end of the circle, next comes and says, perhaps, "DogI In the days