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Tribe Activities [ Lullaby (DtiHeaM to Frvneit Dmtnun.) Chippewa Cradle Song VHn-ter kOkd all our mirth. And the Fira - fUta ilaep. The Canoeist's Love Song OJIBWAY

Where eanitthoube, O ay ttittlrbcartt V/tttn caut uwu oc, u 

dan-day-^H. ah gak-mah st -h en - datt^y-akn, keep a-w»ke, Up on ariv-er I keep a-wake, ■eek for tou, Up on a riv - er I seek for you. mrsweeUieartr I walceandaeekthee.O Qmit . . . .1 my aweet-heirl nnisKon from Frederick R, Burton's "American Primitive Mu^," ,pUtii>n by Wm. Brewster Humphrey.