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Rouser or Reveille jlli sj~^ s J ^j: S J: ji ^j: J j Ho, sleepers, a • rise! the sun's io the skies,The summer mist flies from the lake and the lea. The Red Gods do call: Ho, high, Hi-kers all, Come drink of the Life-cup you nev-er will see. f s ^ J J J jl ^^ S K- h ri =Z3g: •ni^ — 5^ Then blow ye winds high, or blow ye winds low. Or blow, ye wet S ^ J, J ^p east wind o - ver the sea. We'll face ye and fight, and 'y J J J a —'^J J. ^^J Ji. I laugh when you smite, For storm was the trainer that toughened the tree.

^^ "W |=3|: j ' ^ ji J ' ^ ■ I I k Yo hoi a - rise, a -rise! A -rise, a-rise, yo ho - o!