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Woodcraft Manual for Boys

O Beautiful for Spacious Skis—Concluded

i I I— J J fe i


I bove the cross the mer - cy dimmed by i^g^ rrr »=p»=ti L L fruit - ed plain! A - mer • i • eal A wil - der - ness! A- mer . i - ea! A more than life! A . mer . i - ca! A ha - man tears! A- mer . i - ca! A ^ m > ^ i : m

^» mer - i - ca! God shed His grace on mer • i - ca! God mend thine er - 'ry mer - i- ca! May God thy gold re mer - i- ca! God shed His grace on thee And crown thy flaw. Con - firm thy fine, Till all sue thee And crown thy

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i ^ good with broth • soul in self • cess be no - good with broth -

er-hood From sea con-trol. Thy lib b!e-nes8, And ev er-hood From sea i- to er 'ry to f


shin- ty gain shin- ing sea! in law! di - vine! ing sea! ^^ i -t

  • =*:

Uj-i—i. I lizzt — ' — r Fram "Fdlowafaip Hymns." Used by penaiasioii of Association Piess tnd Mn. S. A. Ward. ^