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Midjin Binadisiwin


(Midjim Binadisiwin)

Xj The Degree of Life-Craft may be conferred on any one who takes eight of these tests: I. Know something practical of eugenics and how I 1 to combat a bad heredity. 2. Know about the care and feeding of infants from birth to three years. 3. Can detect the presence of enlarged tonsils and adenoids and be able to advise curative methods other than surgical. 4. Know the balanced diet for daily living that will result in good health. 5. Know the value of cereals and the proper preparation of corn, wheat, rice, barley, and rye for breads and porridges. 6. Be competent to take charge of child's recreation hours in all four seasons. 7. Know the local Board of Health and the State laws in re- gard to health and sanitation and how to cooperate. 8. Have made out a set of practical menus for three consec- utive months in winter for a family of six; these menus must provide meals averaging not over ten cents per meal per person. This is at the rate of $54 per month for all meats, dry groceries, milk and butter, fiuits and vegetables. Service and overhead charges are not to be included. Menus must be accompanied with the daily order and approximate prices. 9. Know the salient points of tuberculosis as well as causes; also preventive measures for typhoid and nuUaria. 10. Know how to produce sweat, purge, vomiting, warmth; what will make a quick poultke to dieck diairiioea, and also internal medicine for same. 11. State chief causes of each of the followmg diseases, tuber- culosis, typhoid, malaria. 12. State how to plan the sanitary care of a camp. 13. State the reason why school t^dren ^ould undergo a medical examination. 14. Know how to care for sickroom, making patient comfort- able and contqited. Odakewinini

Lightning Wheeler


  • The Degree of Lightning Wheeler may be conferred

J^j on any one who lakes nine of these tests : > 1- Ride a wheel fifty miles in ten hours. ' a. iUde 100 miles in tiroity-four hours.

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