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…lameness, and know to wiuun such cases <rf cnielty and abuse should be referred. 11. Be able to judge as to the weight, height, and age of horses. 12. Know three breeds and their general characteristics. 13. Be able to treat a horse for colic. 14. Describe symptoms and give treatment of horses for the following: wounds, fractures and sprains, exhaustion, choking, lameness. 15. Understand horseshoeing. 16. Clear a four-foot hurdle and an eight-foot water jump. 17. Pick up hat from the ground going at full gallop on a hone not less than thirteen hands high. Ashangekwe-Tahtiopa



A I The Degree of Hostess may be conferred on any one who takes ten of these tests : I. Know the ordinary rules of courtesy, prece-

  • dence, introduction, salutations, toasting,

a. Have written correct notes of invitation, acceptance, declination, sympathy, congratulations. 3. Act as host at a formal luncheon, dinner, or party of some kind to at least six people for which the invitati(»is were self- written and menus supervised. 4. Plan and carry out an outdoor picnic or entertainment for a dozen or more guests at which refreshments are served. 5. State the reciprocal duties of host and guest during a visit of a week — ^meeting trains pimctually, consideration of servants, etc. 6. Cook a chafing-dish supper for four people which is digestible and sufficient in quantity. 7. Tell storip" and keep the guests interested, can sug- gest congenial ^ments, seeing to it that no one person is left out of things, can also listen appreciatively and stimulate the entertaining powers of others. 8. Rise to emergencies and take charge of party or enter- tauunoit during absence d master of c««m(mies, and carry same to successful finish. 9. Preside at a Council of Woodcraft Boys or Girls, open- ing and leading the Council. 10. Conduct initiaticHis wWi discr^km and kindness.

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