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8. Repair furniture or diina. 9. Sharpen five knives. lo. Make flour paste for wall papering and for photo-pasting that keeps. n . Fix fly-screens in windows or doors and repair two or more screens. 12. Adjust a lock so the latch works. 13. Put a new pane in the window, puttying neatly.^ ^ 14. Know how to putty up nail holes and fill cracks in floors. 15. Build a henhouse for six or more fowls. 16. Make a successful bird house. 17. Make a cement bird bath. 18. Lay a straight stone and canent walk with a comer. 19. Make mortar. 20. Build a dry stone wall. 21. Make whitewash that will not rub off (Government recipe). 22. Wall paper a room. Bibaged

Herald, or Crier


The Degree of Herald may be conferred on any one who takes ten of these tests: 1 . Walk one mile in eleven minutes. 2. Walk thirty miles in twelve hours. Run xoo yards in thirteen seconds. 4. Run one mile in five and one-third minutes. 5. Swim 100 yards. 6. Sleep out thirty nights. , , , „ . 7. Send and receive a message in one of the following sys- tems of signaling: Semaphore, Morse, or Myer, not fewer than twenty-four letters per minute. , 8. Make correct smoke signals meaning "Camp is here, "I am Lost," "All well," "All's come to CouncU." 9. Talk Sign Talk, knowing at least 200 signs. 10. Know the twenty-five signs and blazes of the Indian code. 11. Read and trandate into one's own language a page or conversation from some other language. 12. Conduct a Council. 13. Know the ordinary rules of courtesy, precedence, mtrc- duction, salutation, etc.

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