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21. State how chickens can be made to pay on a farm. 22. State how cows can be made to pay on a farm. 23. State how pigs can be made to pay on a farm. 24. Identify ten common weeds and tell how to get rid of them. 25. Identify ten bad bugs and tell what thev do and how to get rid of them. 26. Plan a bam and tell why bank barns have lost favor. 27. Plan and construct successfully a silo. Explsdn its ad- vantages. 28. State what is the advantage of fall plowing. 29. State when and why one should summer-fallow. 30. State what is the advantage of pedigreed over rough stock. 31. State how you would decide whether a given field was fitted for profitable agriculture, grazing, or forestry. 32. Explam the reason clovers and certain legumes restore nitrogen to the soil. 33. Have inoculated seeds of clovers, cowpeas, etc., and grown demonstration strips and compared the increase of nodules on roots of inoculated plants. 34. Explain the value of lime on poor land. Gagoiked



The Degree of Fisherman may be conferred on any one who takes nine of these tests: I. Catch and name ten different species of fish: salmon or trout to be taken with flies; bass, pickerel, or pike to be caught with rod or reel, muskallonge to be caught by trolling. 2. Make a bait rod of three joints, straight and sound, four- teen ounces or less in weight, ten feet or less in length, to stand a strain of one and a half pounds at the tip, 13 pounds at the grip; or «lse make a jointed fly-rod 8 to 10 feet long, 4 to 8 ounces in weight, capable of casting a lly sixty feet. 3. Xame and describe twenty-five different species of fish found in North American waters, and give a complete hst of the fishes ascertained by himself to inhabit a given body of water. 4. Give the history of the young of any species of wild fish from the time of hatching until the adult stage is reached. 5. Make a net and catch a fish in it.

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