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^ bottles md nifties, and a good Coups and Oegreei 371 15. State how milk is pasteurizt 1. 16. Stole at what age a baby should be given meat juices and how much daily. Prepare a meat j lice. j *«««u I7-, Tell the value of fruit juice orange, prunes, etc.) to a J^w much daifv?^ "'^ " ^"'^^^ 18. State how carrots, spinach, and potatoes should be pre- pared for a baby and at wha^ ageababv >hou Id eat vegetables: 19. Give the care (ii - ... o . solution to keep nipple 20. State what is the food, and how much ^ 21. State why nitra' new-bom baby's eyes 22. Describe propt it should be bathed, i test the water without 23. State what shou 24. Know value of clothing ; of bouncing 25. State at what methods of training f , Hiret ay ' ' ran m. ver iould r artificially prepared timr




■ dropped into eveiy bathMf a mvinth-old baby— when ratur? erf water, room, etc. How to hermc meter. • thf of a bah cs, mouth, etc. baby flaiiycr of too much king jw 'fiers hilfl , be^ 10 form habits. And be conferred on any one toL* ances such as beansettpr, e, Maypole, . ,bbon dance, Cc^. '»= OCX V lid)

The' rcc'L whctaK :xoftii. I. Da >e fou. ox-dance, Morris df

2. Dance a good cakewalk. 3. Dance two gypsy dances. (Spanish or Hungarian gypsy.) 4- Dance four standard ballroom round dances, such as waltz, polka, Boston, three-step etc. 5. Dance five modern dances. 6. Dance one standard Scottish dance, such as Highland fling Scottish reel, sword dance, and fire dance, or dance two IriSi dances, as jig, reel hornpipe, double shuffle, clog, etc. 7- Dance two standard Indian dances— as Lone Hunter Storm Cloud, Caribou dance, Zuni spring dance, etc. 8. Dance two Greek dances. 9. Dance the minuet. 10. Dance the quadrille, lancers, and Virginia reel

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