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8. Bufld a boat or canoe. 9. Ma . e a paddle and paint it Indian fashion, lo. Kepalr a boat or canoe. 12. Swim IOC yards. 13. Swim fifty feet with shoes, pants or skirt, and shirt on 14 Sail any two-man craft for 200 miles in a sMs^ltl- other man not a professional saUor season— the minute^*'**^ ^"^^ » canoe on dead water one mile in tweK^ 16. Spill a canoe, get in again and bale it out without help 18. I^ye a knowledge of weather-wisdom and Udes. 19. State direction by the stars and sun. 20. Steer by compass. ai. Teach a class to handle a canoe. Mokodasso-Winini



The Degree of Caipenter may be conferred on anv one who takes ten of these tests : ^ I. Know how to drive a nail so as not to solit a board, also how to sink, clinch, or draw 1^ sa^e ^ Know the use of square, level. i>lu^U^S, and 3. Uy out a right angle by the 3. 4, 5 plan. ^4. Shmgle a square-that is, a portion of , of-ten feet each man'sh^— "^"^ - «^ -rk- t' T^ZS^ ? '^^^ P^^^^ °f f^'ture in good style, child. P«»' * set of wooden toys for Jme ordf;. '^^ important piece o* furniture seriously out of ^^^^Pj^BmW^a smaU shed or cabin so as to make U sufe and

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