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…produce sweat, purge, vomit, or warmth; what will make a quick poultice, which wiU check diarrhoea, etc. ^a^Make, use, and teach others to use, the Indian Sweat 31. Teach a class in first aid. Atassowin



The Degree of Canner may be ccafened on anyone who takes eight of these tests : I. Gather or personally select and can twelve pints of strawberries or other smaU fruit so that six nmiths later they have lost neither color nor flavor. 2. Ditto for other fruit such as peaches and quinces. 3. Ditto for vegetables, such as com, green peppers, onions, 4. Preserve, jam, or marmalade twelve pmtsol fruit. jeUy mSS) ^ °* (without any artificial 6. Can or preserve successfully three kmds of fish. 7. Can or preserve successfully a chicken. 8. Cap or pi-eserve successfully three pounds of beef. 9- Wm a prize for cannmg, jeUy making, or preserving at any important fair. 07 10. Make three pojmds of (any kind) glace or candied fruit. Cherries, cranberries, pmeapple, orange, nuts. 11. Spice three Quarts of fruit, peaches, pears, cherries, etc. 12. Make four kmds of tomato preserve (two ripeandtwo green) and pickle watermelon rinds. Chemaunigan



The Degree of Canoeman may be confmed <m any one who takes fifteen of these tests: 1. Tie rapidly six d^oent useful knots. 2. Splice ropes. rnnt 7^"^' P^pare, and use "wattap," that is spruce roots, for canoe bmding, etc. 1 it^: "^y^*' ^'■^P*S^ and use gum for canoe gumming. S- Use a palm and needle. ^ 6. Fling a rope coiL

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